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Thank you Jayne for the most lovely, special and emotional reading. My wonderful Grandad was with us the whole time. I'm so grateful to you for giving me reassurance, strength and love from my lovely Granf💙. Also thanks for your suggestions on spiritual books to read. Once again I can't thank you enough. 🕊️🌈. Xx


I have received accurate messages from loved ones through Jayne on four separate occasions, she has described my current affairs with incredible accuracy, I have complete faith that Jayne is the real deal! I find her readings extremely comforting and feel that her guidance is warmly welcomed


Just seen Jayne tonight in bridport and I was lucky enough to be the first to get a message, not for just one loved one but three and she was amazing spot on all the details including a tattoo I have (which wasn't on veiw) she got what it was,where it is and who it was for ..and she even got the list of illnesses I have correct too lol. Thanks Jayne you made my night x


Thank you Jayne for a wonderful reading , you helped clarify so much , we are so blessed to have you , with us ❤️😇❤️😇


Omg Jayne you were spot on my son came through this evening in Bridport you were AMAZING thank you so so much so comforting and very emotional keep up your amazing work thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Just seen Jayne this evening. I'm a sceptical believer and was amazing to watch her connecting to people. There's a real modesty to what Jayne does and it was a truly enlightening fascinating evening. Looking forward to the next one xx


Jayne is a brilliant medium and I am so fortunate to have had two readings from her.
On both occassions Jayne brought through close family members and gave detailed, accurate information all delivered in her warm, friendly way. 
Jayne is an accomplished medium in the top bracket and definitely deserves her success.


I had a private reading with Jayne several years ago, and more recently had a message from her at an event on Portland. On both occasions Jayne was extremely accurate and would highly recommend her


Wow! I was skeptical not gonna lie, but Jayne said things to me that only I know! Amazing! Made me feel very happy


She blew me away. Best I've seen. No hesitation in recommending.


Another superb evening.look forward to the next one.


What an amazing evening so accurate with her readings what a lovely lady x


amazing lady I have seen Jayne both privately and in a session and came through in both things about my dad nobody would of known and his sense of humour she had to a tea the most amazing lady really a must to visit thank you so so much the peace you have given me is amazing xxx



Rewarding and Insightful

I had a reading with Jayne a few weeks ago - its taken me some time to process everything she said; the reading was an immensly rewarding experience, not just for the accuracy (which was spot on) but the insight that Jayne offered with it - and the peace that it brought. Its given me some real food for thought, I highly recommend the experience, thank you Jayne.

Rachael Roberts


Great reading today. Just what I needed. Jayne has a great energy and makes you feel at ease. Will definitely visit again and recommend.

Jean Roaf


I had a sitting with Jayne last week, and my friend had one today. We are both delighted with the contacts made, and proof provided by spirit. (Not that we needed proof!) We intend to book again each June, as birthday gifts to ourselves ????????????

Lorraine Taylor

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