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Inner Child Therapy

After suffering an abusive childhood, I was left with many issues that ranged from low self esteem, anxiety , depression, I had tried countless therapies but it seemed that nothing was getting to the root of my problems. 

I discovered Inner Child Therapy quite by accident and it changed my life!

I no longer suffer with anxiety or depression, my well being and self worth have soared.

I trained  to be a Inner child Therapist myself  after i finished having the therapy ,as i knew how vital this work is.

Inner child therapy is all about reconnecting back to the self, it is about learning to honour the self and to learn and maintain healthy thought patterns. I have been amazed at the results this therapy is having in a relative short space of time. 

I will provide a calm safe space, where we will look back at the past and begin to see why we think the way we do, why we may be beaten down by low self esteem and depression. 

We will have a initial consultation and  we can discuss your personal needs and work with together to achieve the outcomes you would like. It may be that you want to feel happier, less stressed or anxious, or that you would like to make life more meaningful or get to know yourself better. 

Please complete the form below if you d like me to contact you to discuss if this is the right therapy for you.

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